Traditional ceremonies for marriage in Japan are usually only attended by small groups of family members and close friends.  The bridal couple wear special silk wedding kimono – for the bride, the elegant 
shiromuku  (white kimono) or the luxurious  iro-uchikake  (coloured kimono), and for the groom, formal black  montsuki  (family crested) kimono with  hakama  (wide-legged pants).
Shinto Weddings:

The Shinto religion is native to Japan and this style of wedding is most common amongst Japanese people. Shinto is based on respect for both nature and life, and Shinto shrines are often set amongst cherry blossom trees and other picturesque Japanese flora. The elaborate ceremony, conducted by a Shinto priest, involves the couple exchanging ritual cups of sake to symbolize their union, as well as offering small branches of the sacred sakaki tree to the Shinto deity. Ceremonies take 30 or so minutes and are usually followed by a meal, either at the shrine or a nearby restaurant.

Shrine Ceremony
Each shrines and a temple have a different price of photography fee in the precincts and a carry-on dress fee, etc.

Ceremony fee:
  • Kamigamo shrine ------- 130,000yen
    100,000yen + photography in the precincts 30,000yen
    There would be corkage fee if you are taking in your own photographer and/or costumes for the wedding.

  • Okazaki shrine ------- 90,000yen
    80,000yen + waiting room 10,000yen
    There would be corkage fee if you are taking in your own photographer and/or costumes for the wedding.

Ceremony plan (The plan is necessary for the ceremony)
200,000yen (Separately from Ceremony fee)

Plan includes:
  • Planning fee (questions,requests,consultations,etc)
  • Ceremony attending staff cost (attending at the wedding day,deal of taxi,etc)
  • Interpretation in English (into the shrine and temple)

Bridal Kimono Package

Plan includes:
  • White shiromuku kimono for the bride
  • Black montsuki kimono and hakama for the groom
  • Kimono dressing and attendant during ceremony
  • Professional make-up and hair styling
  • Undergarments for the bride
  • Tabi socks and sandals for bridal couple
  • English interpretation( for dressing kimono and make-up and hair styling)

Partnered shrines:

kamigamo okazaki

Please contact directly if you are interested in having a ceremony at a shrine other than Okazaki Shrine or Kamigamo shrine.

For more information on the wedding ceremony, please see our Shinto Wedding Ceremony Guide .

Some points to remember about Shinto shrine weddings:

  • most shrines require couples to send in a reservation directly to the shrine
  • some shrines do not allow photography, professional or amateur, during the ceremony
  • most shrines require the bridal couple to wear wedding kimono.
  • ceremonies are available until 3pm, mornings being the most popular
  • a ceremony typically lasts 30-45 minutes

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