2 Investigation
After the investigation if we recognize it is impossible, we cannot accept this job.
*In such case, we will also charge you 5,000yen as the investigation cost.
*The minimum charge is 86,400yen,but it will go up according to the amount of translation.

3 Make a remittance
*70days before your date of entry into Japan→After conforming it, we start our job.

4 Necessary documents
We will let you know Necessary documents,so please send me them by AIR MAIL.
*60days before your date of entry into Japan

5 Preconcert with administrative organ
*there are cases when you collect other necessary documents.

6 Final indorsement
Day of register your marriage,palace of register your marriage etc

7 Day of register your marriage
We go to place a public office with you.(in some caces,you go to there only you.)you have to bring a passport and write a registration statement.

※Once we start the job, we will charge you even if you cancel it.
※This is an international work, so it is not always to be accepted.
We will do our best, but if you feel anxious, don’t commission us a job.
We will charge you even if the marriage registration cannot be accepted.

manager by junya inouchi
I am an administrative scrivener(Certified Administrative Procedures Legal Specialist).
I can help you about the registration of a legal marriage in Kyoto.
If there is a question, please send me it by an email.