The Shinto Wedding Ceremony Procedure

(Ceremony may slightly vary depending on shrine)

Before the Ceremony
1. 30 minutes before ceremony
- Explanation of the ceremony in waiting room

2. The bridal couple and relatives proceed to main shrine with shrine maidens

Wedding Ceremony

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1. Purification Rite -  Shubatsu   修祓
- all in attendance stand and bow to be symbolically purified

2. Prayer-  Norito-sojo   祝詞奏上  
- Shinto priest announces the marriage of the bridal couple to the shrine altar
- All attendance stand and bow

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3. Exchanging of Sake -  San San Kudo   三献の儀(三々九度)
- The bride and groom take turns sipping 3 times from cups of 3 sizes: small, medium and large
* The first two times, the cup is raised to one’s lips. The sake is only drunk at the third sipping.

4. Wedding Vow -  Seishi Sodoku   誓詞奏読  
- The bridal couple approaches the altar and groom reads the wedding oath with large voice

5. Presenting the Sakaki Branch -  Tamagushi Hoten   新郎新婦玉串奉奠
- Ritual representing the safe end of the ceremony
- Bridal couple receives the sakaki branch from the shrine maiden and places it at the altar
- Bridal couple bows twice and claps twice

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6. Exchanging of rings -  Yubi-wa Kokan   指輪の交換
- Groom gives bride ring
- Bride gives groom ring

7. Guests drink Sake -  Shinzoku-hai  親族杯
- All in attendance drink sake in celebration