Schedule up to Wedding Date

Schedule from a reserved day

1. Payment of 100,000yen deposit within 1 week of application (through Paypal). In the case of a Shinto shrine wedding, the ceremony cost must be paid at this time.

2. Customers fill in application (name, contact info, address, wedding date, shoe size, waist size, height, bride’s hair length, hair colour, plan and options, number of guests, expected date of arrival)

3. Confirmation of deposit payment*

*1. The deposit will be deducted from your final bill

*2. Payment through Paypal (Note: there is a 5% yen flat processing fee). If you live in Japan, payment can be made via bank transfer.

Online Application Form

Up to two weeks before wedding:

1. Final billing

2. Final Payment through Paypal (Note: there is a 5% yen flat processing fee). If you live in Japan, payment can be made via bank transfer.

3. Confirmation of final payment

4. Final confirmation of number of guests

Up to 1 week before wedding:

1. Kimono fitting&Size check in Kyoto (including shoe size) - Optional(extra fees apply)

2. Hair and make-up rehearsal (with wig or natural hair) - Optional (extra fees apply)

3. Final confirmation of wedding

Schedule on Wedding Day

All the preparations for the wedding will be taken time in doing about 3hours or more.
So, please be ready for the ceremony, at least 3hours before.
·      Make-up and hair styling and kimono dressing
·      Please come in clothes that are easy to change in and out of
·      Due to the length of time, please make sure you have something to eat beforehand
·      Please make sure you come on time
Depart to wedding location (1 hour before wedding ceremony)
·      Use of bridal taxi or taxi van
·      Accompanied by kimono attendant
·      Confirmation of guest transportation (together by taxi van or individually)
Arrival at wedding location (30 minutes before wedding ceremony)
·      Final instructions in waiting room
·      Make sure guests come on time
·      Please observe manners within shrine or temple
Ceremony Rehearsal (20 minutes)
·      Final instructions and explanation
·      English interpretation
Wedding Ceremony (30 minutes)
·      English interpretation
Photography after ceremony (30 minutes)
·      Group and individual photography.
·      In some cases, photography in certain areas are prohibited.
·      Move back to hotel or offices
·      Change out of kimono.
·      After changing out of kimono, bride and groom moves to dinner or lunch location or hotel.


  • Photography CD-ROM and albums will be ready approximately 1 month after wedding date
  • Postage of CD-ROM or wedding albums must be paid by the customer
  • Any costs incurred on the day of the wedding must be paid in cash on the day (in Japanese yen)


Cancellation Policy

All items on your application will be subject to the following cancellation fees:
Wedding Ceremony fee and Banquet hole,Meal for banquets,Kimono rental, Kimono dressing and make-up;Photography;Taxi;Flower:

- within 7 days of your deposit payment: free of charge

- From 8 days after your deposit payment to 90 days(3 month) before your wedding date: 20% of item cost

- between 30 days(1 month) before your wedding date to 14 days before your wedding date: 50% of item cost

- between 13 days to your wedding date: 100% of all item cost

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